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Company Brief

DKTEX is the oldest & biggest Korean textile company in Russia, Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. With suppliers in Korea and China, DKTEX is capable of serving a wide variety of customer and their needs. Our local networks allow us to respond to each individual client quickly, efficiently, and professionally.


  • May 1987  Founded Duek Keum Co Ltd
  • Nov 1991  Awarded for a accomplishing $5,000,000 from Minister of Commerce & Industry
  • Feb 1995  Established a foreign branch in Moscow, Russia
  • May 1996  Awarded for launching new developing market from the Korean Textile Association
  • Apr 1997  Established a foreign branch in Lodz, Poland
  • Nov 1997  Awarded for accomplishing $10,000,000 from Minister of Commerce & Industry
  • Nov 1998  Honored as a Model of Trading Promotion by the President of Republic of Korea
  • Oct 2002  Established a foreign branch in Minsk, Belarus
  • Nov 2002  Awarded for an excellence Export Company from Minister of Commerce & Industry
  • Oct 2003  Established a foreign branch in Kiev, Ukraine
  • Jun 2004  Awarded for launching new development of textile materials from the International Textile News
  • Dec 2004  Established a foreign branch in Novosibirsk, Russia
  • Sep 2006  Established a foreign branch in Shaoxing, China

Company Mission

  1. To be a good business partner to our customers.
  2. To create a workplace of growth and prosperity for our employees.
  3. To become a trustworthy representative to our suppliers.

CEO Message

We choose long-term value and sustainability over short-term profit. We believe in our global network acting independently and growing locally. We believe in transparency, openness, and innovation.

As an international company, we exist on the basis of mutual trust. I believe in honest, honorable work which we can be proud of. We will continue to become more transparent, more open, and more innovative.

Most importantly, we must trust in each other in order to profit together. Let us share the future.

DK CEO – Dae Chang Yoon