Military and Police

DK’s military & police fabric provides high strength and durability by using nylon 66, high tenacity polyester, aramid and FR viscose fabrics. DK’s special coating and laminating technology enhances strength of fabric and breathable performance not delaminated for a long life cycles.

Medical Protective

DK’s medical fabric is reusable barrier fabric providing multi functions such as anti-bacterial, deodorizing, absorbent and evaporative performances. The fabric is designed to protect the patients and clinical team from risk of infection during surgical operation by meeting EN 13795 standard.

Fire Protection

DK’s fire protective fabrics are made of inherent FR fiber blends such as meta-aramid, para-aramid, FR viscose, modacryl and carbon fibers. The fabric gives excellent arc, thermal and fire protection and there is no change in FR performance after multiple industrial laundries. This fire protective fabric is applied to waterproof or breathable fabric by FR […]

Classic Workwear

Classic workwear fabrics are based on polyester, nylon and cotton or rayon blended fabric with multi performances such as breathable waterproof, high visible, electrostatic dissipative, flame retardant, cold resistant and oil repellent functions at a time.