Breathable waterproof fabric is one of the most important textile innovations of DK. The performance is available by both direct coating and laminating techniques with PU, TPU & PTFE.

We have been widening our sportswear selections by cooperating with various global fiber sources which has high-end moisture wicking and providing warmth & comfort performances. This performance of fabric is inherently in the structure itself. It’s permanently effective.

DK’s sportswear fabric appeals to the fashion conscious customer who demands multiple high performance fabrics and delivers exceptional value for the customer.


  • DK’s brand name of breathable waterproof fabric, Evapora® is classified into various classes depending on waterproof & breathable performance
  • Evapora® hangtag is provided
  • Keep wearer dry, cool and comfortable

Direct Coating

  • Breathable waterproof Polyurethane coating on woven & knit fabric with Spandex without damage of elastic
  • Tear, tensile and abrasion strength are improved remarkably
  • Very light and soft coating with powerful performance

Both R/P and hot melt lamination

  • 2 layers, 2.5 layers & 3 layers are available even for stretchy fabric with Spandex
  • PU, TPU & PTFE membranes in both hydrophilic and micro-porous types
  • Both self casting membrane and global outsourced membranes are available
  • Self production of seam sealing tape
  • Strong adhesion which is not delaminated for a long life cycle


  • Ski, snowboarding, trekking, cycling, hunting, fishing, jogging, yoga, extreme sportswear, baggage, vehicle cover, camping gears, etc

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