We supply industrial, medical, emergency, and combat field grade textiles to workplaces and organizations all over Eastern Europe/Russia/CIS countries.

Military | Police
Fire | Heat | Electric
Regular Workwear

DK’s military & police fabric provides high strength and durability by using nylon 66, high tenacity polyester, aramid and FR viscose fabrics. DK’s special coating and laminating technology enhances fabric strength, breathable performance, and resists delamination for long life cycles.

Military and police uniforms are exposed to various hazards, such as flame, explosions, shrapnel and bullets. DK has various protection solutions to meet the most specific & extreme user requirements.

DK’s military e-PTFE membrane

  • Protection against extreme winter conditions, cold, wind, wet or high humidity environments (pass 40℃ cold crack flex test)
  • POL (petrol, oil, liquid) resistant, DEET (chemical insecticide) resistant, flame resistant
  • Minimum RET breathability

Camouflage performance

  • DK’s camouflage print and solid colors provide excellent protection against IR detection

High strength & ballistic performance

  • Super high strength by Cordura® and Kelvar® technologies
  • Provides the best suited ballistic solutions according to NIJ standard

Performance in use

  • Durable, lightweight, flexible, low noise, highly breathable and comfortable

DK’s medical fabric is a reusable barrier fabric providing functions such as anti-bacterial, deodorizing, absorbent, and evaporative performances. The fabric is designed to protect the patients and clinical team from risk of infection during surgical operation and meets EN 13795 standard.

DK’s cleanroom fabric is based on polyester, T/C and CVC with carbon core conductive fiber. The fabric is comfortable, clean, anti-static, particle protective, and meets high class of cleanroom standard. Teflon® HP finish provides water & dust repellent functions.

DK’s unique bio-treatment technology

  • Anti-bacterial, deodorizing and infrared therapy performances 99% durable after 50 cycles of industrial laundry
  • Easy application for fabric, apparel and equipment without damage to appearance & performance

Excellent barrier protection

  • Resistance to microbial dry & wet penetration conforms to EN ISO 22612 & EN ISO 22610
  • Performances for microbial & particulate matter cleanliness conforms to EN ISO 11737-1 & EN ISO 9073-10

Permanent anti-static function

  • Excellent surface resistivity and charge decay performances by weaving with carbon core conductive fiber. Conforms to EN 1149-1 & EN 1149-3
  • Applicable for both environments where grounding to the earth is available and not available

Lint-free & particle protection

  • Does not generate lint, particle, and static electricity.

DK’s fire protective fabrics are made of inherent FR fiber blends such as meta-aramid, para-aramid, FR viscose, modacryl and carbon fibers. The fabric gives excellent arc, thermal and fire protection, and there is no change in FR performance after multiple industrial laundry cycles.

This fire protective fabric is applied to waterproof or breathable fabric by FR PVC, FR PU and FR PTFE direct coating or laminating.

Inherent fire protective

  • Permananetly high flame retardant LOI property

Protect against arc flash & flash fire

  • Does not melt, drip, ignite, or break open conforms to NFPA 70e & NFPA 2112
  • Minimizes heat transfer burns according to IEC 61482-1-1 & ASTM F1959-06
  • Cost effective protection applicable for electric utility, power plants, electrical maintenance, CATV & telecommunication workers

Protect against heat, flame & molten splash

  • Limited flame spread. No flaming or molten debris and no hole formation according to EN ISO 14116 (ISO 15025)
  • Minimizes convective or radiant heat transfer and impact of spatters performing EN ISO 11611 & EN ISO 11612

Electrostatic dissipative (ESD)

  • Blending with carbon core conductive fiber or staple to discharge static
  • The static is discharged to air via corona effect and secures more protection in environments where grounding to the earth is impractical according to EN 1149-3

DK’s classic workwear fabrics are based on polyester, nylon and cotton or rayon blended fabric with multi performances such as breathable waterproof, high visible, electrostatic dissipative, flame retardant, cold resistant and oil repellent functions.

All functions can be included and excluded at customer’s demand. The classic workwear fabric has high strength, comfortableness and long lasting durability after repeated industrial laundry cycles

Breathable waterproof

  • Evapora® is brand name of breathable waterproof fabric made by DK.
  • Produced by PU, PVC and PTFE direct coating or laminating techniques with DK’s quality control
  • Conforms to EN 343, EN ISO 20811 (ISO 811), ASTM E96, EN 31092 (ISO 11092)

High visibility

  • Good color fastness of high visibility conforms to EN 471 and ANSI 107 standards.
  • Over 7 classes of color fastness to light (ISO 105 B02) in case of solution dyed high visible fabric

Durable water & oil repellent

  • Excellent water & oil repellence after repeated industrial washes by Teflon® HP
  • Nano WR is available with antibacterial function
  • Conforms to ISO 4920, ISO 14419

Cold resistant & Flame retardant

  • Protective fabric against low temperature, -50℃ conforms to EN 342
  • Limited flame spread conforms to EN 14116 by FR PVC or FR PU coating and FR PU or FR PTFE laminating

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